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About Casey Austin

I have been working professionally in social media marketing for 7+ years at some of the world’s top media companies. My experience in running brand social accounts covers multiple television genres, including scripted drama, competition reality, docu-reality, comedy, live events, sports, lifestyle, and streaming. Skills include long and short-form copywriting, short-form video production, video editing, and more.

On-Set Phone Content

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Talent content captured, produced, and edited by me at live events, shoots, and BTS on set to hit brand goals.

Edited Show Footage

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Edits utilizing show footage that are catered to specific platform demographics and correspond with a holiday, birthday, or other social trends.

“To be in the same category as Casey—witty, creative, and with effortless talent—has been one the biggest privileges of my career. She is absolutely a pleasure to work with... and also to exchange memes with.”

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-Alexa Amato, former manager at Paramount


Long-Form Content



Timely memes based on pop-culture trends across platforms.

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2023 Webby Awards

Honoree: Social, Television & Film 2023 for Yellowstone Social

“Thank you for making one of my college internships so special! Working on DCC with you was a blast and I will always remember how valued you made me feel.”

Laur DeMartino, Digital & Social Content at NBA

Casey is such a rockstar. She put her expert touch on both the Yellowstone and 1923 TikTok accounts, cultivating a platform-specific strategy to feed the Taylor Sheridan fandom. She's got her finger on the pulse of current trends, and knows exactly how to shape and create content to fit into the overall brand's positioning. The next team that scoops her up will be lucky to have her ideas into beautiful visual tools -- all while maintaining a vibrant and encouraging enthusiasm.

Breia Brissey, Senior Social Media Manager at Paramount

“So lucky to have worked and learned from you so early in my career.”

Jake McCoy, Social Media Editor at WWE

I can personally and professionally attest to her social media prowess and her connection to our audiences. She is a TikTok queen, fluent in fandom, and has taken our rapidly-growing show franchises such as Ridiculousness and DCC Making The Team to new heights. If you are looking to take your digital platforms to the next level, look no further than Casey Austin.

Alexa Amato, Social Media Manager at Paramount

“You are a force to be reckoned with in the social media sphere!! ”

Cait Kenney, Social Media Coordinator at MTV

There is NO better and smarter stan than Casey!

Matt Gehring, Senior Social Media Manager at MTV

I loved working with Casey soooo much on all different shows! It was seriously so incredible seeing her change up and adapt to any brand voice so easily and connect with so many different audiences. 🤍

Annette Sutcliffe, Director Social Content & Strategy at Warner Music

“You are a TikTok QUEEN. 👑 Always amazed by your ability to take advantage of the newest trends.”

Edgar Gatsinzi, Social Media Coordinator at Paramount


digital marketing

I have been professionally working in social media marketing for 7+ years at some of the world’s top media and entertainment companies. My experience in running brand social accounts covers multiple television genres, including scripted drama, competition reality, docu-reality, comedy, sports, live events, lifestyle, and streaming.



MTV Entertainment Studios at Paramount (Yellowstone, Jersey Shore, Key & Peele, Ridiculousness, etc.)

2019 - 2023

  • Managed social media content strategy for shows produced by MTV Entertainment Studio.
  • Drafted, created, and published content on all social media platforms.
  • Collaborated with internal and external teams to ensure optimal performance across platforms to hit company goals.
  • Crafted social copy in brand-specific voices, adapting each post to be most compatible with both the brand audience and platform best practices.
  • Brainstormed and produced creative shoots with show talent.
  • Monitored and advised on new social trends.
  • Reported on social performance to better align our goals.


Food Network at Discovery Inc. (Warner Bros. Discovery)

2017 - 2019

  • Drafted, created, and published content to create an exciting and valuable content experience for our followers across multiple social platforms.
  • Grew and fostered engaged social media communities while supporting the Food category in achieving business objectives
  • Moderated social media conversation on managed platforms.
  • Brainstormed and produced creative shoots with show talent.
  • Brainstormed, researched, wrote and published short and long-form articles for and SnapChat Discover.
  • Created daily written and video content for Food Network’s SnapChat Discover handle.
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University of the arts London

London College of Communications

London, UK

BA in Media & Communications

2014 - 2017

  • In the Q1 & Q2 of 2023, Yellowstone TikTok accounted for 49% of the franchise’s new followers (400k), 42% of engagements (6.1M) and 27% of views (91.3M). All three categories saw at least 2X growth vs. 2022.
  • Ridiculousness TikTok earned 700k new followers (+75%), 11.5M engagements (+45% YoY), and 123M views (+63% YoY) in 2022, the most on record.
  • In Q1 & Q2 of 2023, Key & Peele TikTok drove over 77.6M views (+373% YoY) and 10.5M engagements (+356%.)
  • With just 28 posts published in that time period, one of which was the #1 most engaging TikTok across all MTVE accounts with 2.2M engagements and 15.8M views, Key & Peele TikTok followers grew +35% from 2.6M to 3.5M.

I can’t wait to see what content we create together.

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(207) 807 0372

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